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Shock Treatment for Septic Tanks

Every septic tank requires a large, active community of bacteria in order to function properly. If this community does not exist, or has become too small, shock treatment can help to establish, or re-establish, it and avoid expensive complications, such as smells and blockages.

Shock Treatment Kit for Septic Tanks

Shock Treatment Kit,
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Kick-start a new septic tank

Septic tanks are at their most vulnerable when they are empty, that is, when they have just been installed or have recently been pumped out. In these cases, it can take up to six weeks for an appropriate bacteria community to develop, by which point you may already be struggling to deal with a backlog of undigested waste. Our Shock Treatment Kit can establish a working population in just two weeks, greatly reducing the risk of your tank getting off to a 'bad start' and developing problems in the future.

Recover a smelly septic tank

When septic tanks begin to smell and attract flies, it's a sure sign that the bacteria community within the system is under pressure. Swift administration of our Shock Treatment Kit can nip the problem in the bud by helping to restore a large active microbe population within the treatment zone in just a few days, helping to return the tank to working order.

How our Shock Treatment Kit works

Our Shock Treatment Kit helps to establish the massive bacteria community your tank needs in order to function properly by combining fresh bacteria spores (BioBoost Tablets) with a special natural tonic (Sea Sure), which stimulates and supports the new microbes, giving them everything they need to multiply when they get in the tank. Follow the link for more about our synergistic septic tank treatment system.

Application procedure

Applied over the course of a week, the Shock Treatment Kit contains five litres of Sea Sure and twelve BioBoost Tablets. On the first day, the owner dissolves six of the tablets in half the Sea Sure and flushes the mixture into the septic tank via a connected toilet. One week later, the whole process is repeated.

Toilet flushing

Upgrade for extra protection

We also offer a Complete Care Kit that bundles an initial shock treatment with a regular maintenance and aftercare programme for unbeatable ongoing protection against septic tank problems. See the column on the right side of this screen for more details.

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Septic Tank Tips and Advice

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Along with a thorough treatment programme, running an efficient, trouble-free septic tank is about taking sensible precautions and, most importantly, knowing how the treatment system works.

Check out our Septic Tank User Guide today.

Customer Reviews

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"We added the Shock Treatment Kit over a period of one week and have had no smells since. Now when we go outside all we can smell is the flowers and the countryside! As the product has worked so well for us, I would advise anyone in a similar situation to try it." Read more

Get Extra Peace of Mind

Complete Care Kit,
including free next-day delivery in the UK


The Complete Care Kit offers unbeatable peace of mind by combining an initial shock treatment for your septic tank with a comprehensive aftercare solution.

'Topping-up' on a monthly basis helps to keep tanks functioning at their optimum level, which gives their owners protection against problems further down the line. After all, septic tanks are delicately balanced eco-systems, which means subtle changes in how we use them, from taking a holiday to using a new cleaning product, can have a huge impact on their performance.

It is therefore a good idea to regularly introduce new microbes into your tank to make sure numbers remain high enough to cope with any setbacks.

The Complete Care Kit is equivilent to our Shock Treatment Kit and our Annual Health Kit. However, customers who purchase the two items bundled together make a £10.00 saving on buying the two kits separately.


"It was easy to use, it took about a week to work which is what we expected and the smells have all disappeared."

Review of Complete Care Kit - read more