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Welcome to the Septic Tank Health Centre

At, the health of your septic tank is our priority. We know what it's like when these delicate underground systems break down, so we've developed a range of products to protect them. In fact, even if your tank is already showing the signs of ill-health, our products can probably nurse it back into working order. So, how can we help?

Available Treatments

Our Septic Tank Kits employ a unique, dualistic approach to wastewater treatment. Our secret is to provide septic tanks with the bacteria required to sustain their microbe communities alongside a nutrient mix that hones and speeds up their performance. It's like giving the bugs that protect your tank a huge can of Red Bull. The result is unbeatable performance and peace of mind.

The Complete Guide To Septic Tanks

We've put together a special septic tank user guide to help you get to know your system and how to keep it in top condition.

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